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Webster is a holding company that is not limited to participation in the earnings of the subsidiary, but that - in its capacity as shareholder - wishes to transfer shares and distinct, innovative management styles, open to the future and change. The operating companies aims to achieve significant financial earnings through an ethical approach ready to keep up with the continual changes in the market, in the belief that only by anticipating innovation can one remain competitive. This management style may include new approaches in traditional industries or even new economic areas in innovative industries. The first ownership interest is Codcast Italia, a "web marketing firm" that creates innovative language linked to its strength: social networks thus, overcoming the traditional distinction between a creative agency, the editor and the distribution channel. Codcast is the only Italian company incorporating these functions in a holistic and original approach that translates into a broader and loyal audience over time. The second ownership interest is Growly, an agricultural start-up that plans to explore new agricultural methods and products in a traditional industry, which is one of the strong points of "made in Italy". Thanks to the skill of prime agronomists, Growly tests and introduces innovative and unique products into the market, all of which are of superior quality with natural cultivating techniques and at a competitive prices. The third asset is Webster Financial Consulting. In the investment and finance world, characterized by strong volatility and new investment areas such as cryptocurrencies, Webster Financial Consulting provides its expertise to identify and focus on emerging trends. Webster carefully monitors the dynamic of the market and the industry identifying opportunities before the market, investing in the value of ideas and people.